Anoushk Kharangate


I won my first hackathon at 16 and started my first company at 17. blew up my school in 9th grade science experiment, we tried to make an engine run on hydrogen lol built things with raspis/arduinos like auto gas leak detectors that turn off the stove

these days im hacking around with solana's validator infra and protocols, i like to work on hard problems and uncharted territories(unknown unknowns), innovation lies in this quadrant. hence i like to read about systems engineering, distributed systems, networking, algos and data structures, cryptography etc currently I'm building a diet client for Solana that can validate transactions without trusting super majority and without the need to run a full node.

i don't consider any language better, they're all different tools in the toolbelt but rust 🦀 is my personal favorite, don't tell typescript 😛



  • Built some fun products with makerdock

  • Contributed to metaplex, solana cookbook, coral, anchor, switchboard, jito solana and more

  • Built and exited my startup app.metapasshq.xyz - we had more than 2.5k users, 10k+ USD in revenue, 14 events

  • 2x Hackathon Winner (Solana x Filecoin 2022, Polygon Buidl It 2021)